First Day in Villa Nueva, Guatemala

A s the sun was rising I headed for the roof patio to take a couple shots. The reason for going to Guatemala was to do some video and camera work for Marko Selkomaa’s 10 day trip. We also traveled through El Salvador and Honduras.

Sunrise in Ville Nueva Guatemala

We stayed a few days in Villa Nueva, located 8 miles from Guatemala City. The city is one of the poorest with 400,000 residents.

Roof Patio

One article was quoted as saying that “55,000 of the poorest people in Central America live in Villa Nueva”.

Ville Nueva, Guatemala City

Article from Reuters on Villa Nueva “Slum dwellers armed with shotguns have taken to Guatemala’s streets to hand vigilante justice to youth gangs”

Armed guards with shotguns were everywhere you looked. It was nearly impossible to determine whether they were militia or private security guards as some were in uniform.

Armed with pistol handle shotguns

Armed with pistol handle shotguns – Image from Google

Great sunrise on the first morning at around 6:00am. The next morning I slept in.

Morning Sun

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