Honduras – Getting There…

T oday’s events consisted of getting to the capital city of Honduras. As the first leg of the trip, we drove from Thunder Bay down to Minneapolis to catch a bargain deal with Continental to Tegucigalpa

If you ever have had the privilege of driving with Marko across the US/Canada border you know that this will be the first event to happen on a trip—we are always marched into the customs office. Once inside, there has to be a few tough questions thrown my way also, mainly because I have a green card and a Canadian passport. I must say, it would be nice to see open borders that the countries in the European Union enjoy and also countries like El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras.

Once we reached the customs in Honduras, again I was pulled aside but this time I was not asked any questions as my Spanish consists of about 5 words. It was a technicality in my paperwork, as I needed an address we were staying at and I suppose they didn’t like my answer of Tegucigalpa.

The family that we are boarding at is the same home we had the privilege of staying at in November of last year. To describe our contentment was simply put by our host when we arrived at his home and he told us “Welcome home”. Though this time I get my own bed. Last time I had to share a bed with Marko, who was enjoying foreign bacteria moving through his system.

The short clip I’ve uploaded is a mix of things I saw today.

– An old hanging bridge to get across this deep gorge. During hurricane Mitch the water crested it, even though the river is now 70-100 feet below. At that time several houses disappeared into the river.
– A church that helps the poor neighborhood kids with monthly medical checkups and they also enjoy other activities with a smile as you can see. There was about 94 kids in around the place when we popped in to say hi.
– Random rooster that I’m sure I’ll be hearing tomorrow morning before sunrise.

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