African Music Fundraiser

I n the village next to us is a small church group who are meeting in a space that they have outgrown. During the next several months we will fund raise to assist them in building a new church. They have already secured a piece of land and some bricks and some roofing material.

The music fundraiser is one way we hope to assist. I recorded several songs in March 2013. The singers are Pastor Philipo, his wife Mary, Abel (elder of the church) and his wife and their children. Abel is the composer of the songs.

The music will be sold soon through John Grabish in the Thunder Bay, Canada area. It will also be available online.

If you wish to donate toward this church building project please contact me.

Below is a sample of the music.


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  1. Marika April 13, 2013 at 11:50 pm #

    Cool song! Love that it is acapella they have such beautiful voices! Thanks for sharing this and I’m sure it’ll be a successful fundraiser- the voices are so uplifting ppl can’t help but smile :)

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