I n 2012 we moved as a family to Bulamba, Tanzania, East Africa. It is a small remote village with a very poor population. A local person in the village on average earns $600/yr. Our hope is to encourage and work with the local church. To support projects that are sustainable and help the local economy.

Our financial support is as follows: Partial support from Saalem Church in Thunder Bay, Canada. We also fund raise by selling hand bags and other items when available. You can see some examples at

To support us and/or a project we are involved with you can donate by using paypal. If your gift is for a specific project please add a note where the money is to be used.

In Canada:
You can also send a cheque to Saalem church and mark “Tanzania Missions” on the envelope. Saalem will send a tax donation receipt to you if you are living in Canada.

Tanzania Missions
c/o Saalem Church
21 Walkover Street,
Thunder Bay, Ontario,
Canada P7B 1L1

In Finland:
IBAN: FI15 3939 0039 9556 12

Current Projects:
If you wish to give directly to a project please add a note where your gift is to be used. Otherwise we will allocate the funds.

Mwiseni Church Building:
New church building for FPCT (Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania). Through local fundraising and outside help we purchased 2 acres of land in May 2013. The next month we started putting down the foundation. In August, part of the wall went up.
– Funding is needed for the next phase: to buy cement, sand, and crushed rock for cement pillars. $300USD
– So far the project has used 1,735,000TSH ($1080USD).
– Total budget: $5000 USD.
– Target completion: Late 2014

Drilled Water Well:
Drilled water well on the Mwiseni church property. It would serve the people of Mwiseni. The well would use a hand pump. Currently the only source of water is unclean water from Lake Victoria.
– For this project we have a partnership with a US charity.
– Total budget: $15,000 USD.
– Target completion: 2nd Qtr.2014

Bulamba Missions Center:
We have personally funded this project to this point. It includes a small book store, cafe and bakery. Future plans are a small guest house, classrooms, and two public toilets.

Bulamba Extended Education:
We have started teaching English inside our cafe space. Our hope in the future is to see an education area finished so we can expand our student size and offer a variety of course material. It would employ teachers from the local region and if available, volunteers. Let us know if you wish to partner or assist us with education.
– Total budget: $7,000 USD.
– Target completion: No target set at this time.

Small Guest House:
Currently there is no space for guests, missionaries or pastors to stay. The plans are to add a small one room building inside the compound.
– Total budget: $2000 USD
– Target completion: 1st Qtr. 2014

Private business partnerships with local people:
Are you an investor or someone who believes as many others, that helping the poor in least developing countries to build real businesses is the best way to help the poor? Tanzania is one of the fastest growing countries in the world and is changing rapidly. To get more info and how you can help, please contact me directly.

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