In Africa

Even though a few hours away there are tourist lodges that cost $1000 per night, life here is a different reality. Bulamba is so far away in many ways, for example a guest room beside us goes for a couple of dollars.

We’ve been in Africa for about 4 months. Part of this time was spent waiting in Dar Es Salaam for a vehicle to arrive through customs. Another six weeks was in a cotton factory as our home was being finished. During these times we have met many interesting people. We have seen each step of our journey led by God.

In the video above there are clips from Dar Es Salaam, Nairobi, Bunda and Bulamba.

Our mission in Tanzania is to see God’s Word spread and become real. We are here to support the local churches and the community as a whole. Join with us as we develop projects that are sustainable and help bring people out of poverty.

Sam, Saara and the boys

Family in Nairobi at Giraffe Center

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